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Everyday it is a struggle,take a minute and think about it (selah).

When we first get out of the bed it is a constant grind to get up and do what you have to do to survive in this world.On this Christian walk it takes a strong will and the Holy Spirit to enable you to keep on fighting and grinding it out every year,month,week,day,hour,and second. You have to humble yourself and obey the Holy Spirit, immediately.I can only give a point of view from a man’s perspective because I am a man walking this walk out daily.When the cold breaks and the weather warms up ,this is a man’s worst nightmare.Women become more seductive  and luscious to the human eye.The clothes become thinner and decrease when the weather increases in temperature.It is a struggle to love your enemies everyday even though they mock The Risen God (Jesus) and scorn you because it is not logical to them.A saying goes”Real recognizes real” I would take it further and say “Spirit recognizes Spirit”. I know we are going to be persecuted because Jesus says this in the Holy Scriptures(John 15).I thank God for the delivery of Anger from my father,the bitterness of the way my ex-girlfriend treated me,the deliver from pornography, fornication,lust, and hatred for some people who are cliquey in the church.Jesus Christ died for our sins,our struggles and the Blood gives us Liberty and Freedom(John8:36).I am only living in Him because of the mercy of which he held back His wrath when I was drowning in my Egypt days(sinful days).I am blessed to have His grace upon me ,even though I DO NOT DESERVE IT.

So this communion Sunday tell God how you feel and what you need help with.

He is your Shepherd and He will provide.

The Great thing about God is He hears your prayers and He answers Prayers..

TRY IT!!!!!!!!

In Christ

Sincerely  Lims

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